Sidelining God: why secular climate projects in the Pacific Islands are failing

Events linked to Climate Change (such as cyclone Winston in 2016) are preached to be Acts of God. In an interesting article by Patrick Nunn he argues why (usually Western) conservation and climate change initiatives in the Pacific are bound to fail if they don’t account for the strong role …

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Small Marine Protected Areas in Fiji Provide Refuge for Reef Fish Assemblages, Feeding Groups, and Corals

Establishing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is a common strategy to conserve marine ecosystem and to enhance the recovery of degraded systems. Large MPAs have been shown to be very effective, while the effectiveness of small MPAs (here <1km²)  is still discussed. Small MPAs might not be sufficient in size to …

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38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited South Pacific island

Beach with plastic waste

More than 5000 km away from major population and listed as Unesco World Heritage – yet severely polluted: Henderson Island in the Eastern South Pacific. Researchers found nearly 38 millioin pieces of plastic weighing almost 18 tonnes. The article points out how anthropogenic activities from all over the world impact …

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